Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fantastic Four(th)

We had a great 4th of July weekend - partly because we were able to do a lot with family and it was just fun being all together and partly because I love all the traditional parades and fireworks and all that goes along with it! It's always an exhausting holiday it seems - hot days, late nights, as much fun as you can find... Kerry and I took a nap on our definitley underutilized hammock inbetween the parade and fireworks. That was as good as anything!

Uncle Jonny Mountain Dew'in it on the rope swing..... I loved this picture!

We decided to take up the boat the night before the 4th and set our sights on Echo reservoir, rather than playing frogger with all of the other 5,000 boaters at Pineview. We had one of the more fun times we have ever had boating - great water, few boats, fun company.... It may be our new regular destination. We went up to the lake with my brother Jonny and his girlfriend Brooke and my little sister Britter. They're all great skiers and boarders and tons of fun to be with. Eva had a birthday party, so she wasn't able to come with us this time. We missed her!

Uncle Jonny was more than happy to help Ethan - they are both naturally drawn to this - anything dangerous and boyish and they're all over it!

Becks found the 'train whistle' on the boat - he was able to make the beautiful loud honking noise over and over and over. All of the fishermen on the banks loved him for alerting all the fish of their presence.

Ethan and Mom on the pita tube...

Daddy and the kiddos all set up for maximum candy retrieval at the Kaysville parade... This is not his favorite thing to do, but he knows his kids love it so that's enough. He's a great Daddy.
As is tradition at the beginning of most parades, the flag is carried and the colors are presented and everyone stands with their hand over their heart. There were military men in artillery vehicles waving to the crowd. It really got to me this time - I am proud of our country, even in all its turmoil. I am so thankful for what we have and enjoy here. I know that we are blessed beyond measure. This is one of my life long best friends forever Lori and her 2 adorable boys Spencer and Brady and my friend Amy's son Dax. Lori and I go way back...We both shed a tear of nostalgia when we saw the Davis High Band march by.. (not really) but we are proud Darts! After the parade we went up to my parents neighborhood festival for great food and of course, the Dunking Tank! Ethan didn't really know what he was in for. Grandpa threw the balls and on the first throw Ethan was abruptly dropped into freezing cold water! He was done after that.

Grandpa getting ready for the pitch... Unsuspecting grandson just moments away from Grandpa's terminator fast ball. I wish I had an after shot... priceless!
Swimming at the pool - chicken fighting, handstands, all the good stuff on a hot hot day.
Brooke and Eva (Eva said to her friend, "This is Brooke. She is my aunt....Almost." No pressure.

We ended the day with my parents, Brooke and Jonny and Britter at the Layton High fireworks. The fireworks were not as impressive as they have been in the past, but who cares! Ethan and Becks found light sabers! Who could ask for anything better? Beckham wants to let everybody know that he is Yoda. Not Vader like Ethan says.

This is the great photography of Eva, our take charge 8 year old. Artistic angles and all...this was the 4th shot before she finally got it with out a light saber, 6 year olds hand, or camera strap in the picture.

I was grateful for a safe and fun weekend and I am so grateful for my family and my country and for the people who defend it. A heartfelt Thank You~


Tansy said...

What a fun filled Holiday! We can't wait to go boating with y'all when we come out. The Deer Valley concert sounds awesome!

Candy said...

You are always DARLING my dear.
Sounds like you had a blast. I love your cute kids faces and can only imagine the thoughts that run through your little boy's heads.