Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NOT a happy camper. Just an ornery (but cute) husband.

So I think this post is pretty funny - but not sure if Kerry will! Last Friday we took our family and invited some friends up to the lake again and this time I decided to throw a night of camping into the loop. Kerry was skeptical of this from the beginning - not too excited about the headache, but I assured him it would be fine. Well, it was a fine trip - but not at first. At first, it was miserable. All of the campsites along the beach were no longer able to be used - even though I called 3 times and was told we could just find any spot on the beach and camp - which is what I had done in the past. It's great because you just throw up a tent and anchor the boat right there on the beach and then in the wee hours of the morning you can get up and ski right out the door. Well, when we got there, the rules had just been changed and everyone (and their dogs) had to camp in a designated spot along a muddy bank - not what we were expecting. So as Kerry was on the beach looking for a spot in the dead heat and I was with kids on the boat - unable to communicate to him or our friends looking for a camping spot and without a great area to pull the boat in, I had to just yell and try our best to figure it out. The kids were hot and hungry and Kerry, Jonathan and Lori were having to trek through the brush to try and find somewhere left where we could set up camp. We ended up setting up the tent in one spot and finding a beach for the evening and next day in another spot. Not ideal, but it ultimately still was a great adventure for the kids.

The funny thing (not funny at the time) is that Kerry was so frustrated and if you know him you are aware that he says what he thinks and so our good friends the Cebs got to hear him ranting and raving about 'who's bright idea this was'. (that would be mine.) I think it's pretty funny to hear it from them - they already know what an ornery bugger he can be occasionally, and they love him just as much! And believe me I mean ornery bugger in the best possible most adoring way. Elinkowskis and Greens came up also which always makes for a great time, and just gave them more material on Kerry. Mike and Jill were also able to witness the loveliness of the night - and we were so glad when they took 2 of our little divas over to their boat for some tubing. (We owe ya one!) . I'm going to see if we can definitely do it again, soon! It's a good thing Kerry has about a hundred redeeming qualities that make him the best man I could ever hope and be blessed enough to be with. Thanks for being a good sport...eventually. The kids had fun camping and we have lots of good stories now to tell at parties. Love you Honey!


The Stones said...

Ya, so I'm pretty sure our husbands are brothers from another mother-Jarum would TOTALLY do the same! (Does Alaska ring a bell?) Good thing they're so cute-Gotta love 'em!

Angela said...

Ok - My first real life's not fair cause we live in Virginia and can't see Kerry make an arss of himself story. Darg gone it!!!

Sounds like a fun day - we did nothing as it rained cats and dogs and ICE that day. It was 90 degrees! How can a sky make ice when it's 90 degrees?

FYI - I deleted my blog. Blogging sucks!!!

Tanya said...

Oh no, was the weekend of the Echo Triathlon and you tried to camp on the south beach? I am glad you ended up having a good time. Hey, life needs to have moments like that to appreciate the good and have funny stories down the road :) You are a patient wife though, I prob would have yelled right back.