Friday, July 11, 2008

Kerry's Utah State Am Golf Tournament

Kerry has been playing in the Utah State Ameteur golf tournament up at Soldier Hollow the last couple of days. In order for him to advance to the State Am, he had to play in a qualifying match back in June at HAFB..... and he did great!! He shot a 74 which tied him for 5th place -Awesome! He made the cut for the State Am and was able to advance! What a great opportunity to play with some of the state's best players.

Here is a quick recap of how he did at Soldier Hollow - July 9th and 10th:

Wednesday on the Silver course he shot a 79 - His putting struggled - usually this is one of his stronger areas. Although he was not happy with his score, he still had a great experience. His buddy Reed went with him to be his caddy and he was grateful for all of his help and support - especially on such a hot day!

Thursday on the Gold course he shot a 73 - Yeah!! This is a difficult course and he rocked! He knew he wouldn't advance to match play, but he was thrilled to have had such a good round. Many of the guys in the tourny are young collegiete players, so it is a high caliber of players and he was excited just to be a part of it.

He has loved this sport for as long as I can remember and has been improving his handicap each year through diligent practice. When we were first married, he had a goal of reaching a 5 handicap. He achieved that goal and surpassed it, now currently at a 2 handicap. He has really honed in his game this last year. Kerry is passionate about this sport -(some would even go as far to say obesessed...I've never said that :) But it makes him happy and he enjoys getting out early in the morning and is a good outlet for him.

Congratulations on playing so well this year Babe!!! Way to go - we love you so much!!!


The Stones said...

Yay Kerry! We're so proud of him! Just promise you'll take us to dinner on his first paycheck from the PGA...I haven't talked to you forever so expect a phone call this week!

The Darrohns said...

Way to go Kerry!!! You're the man! I'm going to get in here and leave a nice comment before Steve gets his hands on this and says something inappropriate about BT or something. Really, way to go!!!

I loved all your 4th pictures too. Becks looks soooo cute honking that horn. we miss you guys and wish we were there to see dooders get dunked....poor guy.

Tansy said...

Way to go Kerry! Now the next thing you need to do is play well when I go with you. I'm just such an imposing golfer that makes you nervous. Tansy and I are pulling for you on this one - go kick some butt!