Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Presley's Baby Blessing

While we were in Idaho last month, Kerry's sister Brittany blessed her beautiful baby girl. They named her Presley, which I think is adorable.
Eva wants to keep her as her baby sister. She was such a good babysitter!!
Brit, BJ, Colton, and Presley on her blessing day.
Auntie Kirst bought this incredible dress in Italy for Brit's little girl. I think it cost more than my first car :) It was all hand made and I won't do it justice to try and describe it. Exquisite!
Eva was mad at me because she doesn't have a sister. I told her that if she had a new little sister, she would also have a mom in the crazy house - only able to visit me on weekends.
Auntie Kirst and Brittany - lovely sisters -o -mine
A month or so before Halloween Eva asked me if she could go to the store with her friend. She took her own money and I sent her off with a warning to please not spend it all on 'crap', because she needed to save it, too. Usually it is lipgloss or some earrings, but all she came home with that night was a cute little Halloween outfit for her new cousin, Presley. She was so excited to give it to her - sweet tiny black leggings, a cute purple beanie hat and a Trick or Treat Tee. We mailed it up to her and Brittany put her in it for Halloween night.
I wanted to post this, because Eva is really a pretty special little girl. I say that because I admire in every way her ability to be generous and thoughtful. I think she was sent to me for that purpose - to help lead me along in a better direction. She and her Daddy are the same in this regard, and that is one of many reasons why I love them!
Eva, Katie, and Presley on Halloween
Aunt Brittany with her perfect little baby girl
On this same trip, Eva and her cousin Katie were able to go to Jackson Hole, WY for the afternoon with their Auntie and Kunal. Two excited tweenies~!
Going out for burgers in Jackson.

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The Stones said...

Oh my gosh, Kerry's family are all identical to each other! How fun to see Eva Diva holding a baby....Muuuuhhhh-Kellll!! :) Just kidding.