Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feel the love of the season.

This morning I slowly opened my eyes and realized how cozy and comfortable I was lying in my bed. It seemed so late in the day already, but still so quiet outside. I could hear what sounded like the neighborhood snowblowers plowing around outside, and I thought that it was just a perfectly peaceful snowstormy white fluffy covered Saturday morning that had allowed me to get an extra hour of sleep. I love those days!

Until thanks to a text from a friend driving by, I realized I'd been.......

What the What??!!
To my friendly Max Hall loving neighbors: if you will keep plowing my driveway I'll be a Y fan all winter long!! :)

thanks for the love. Go Utes!!


Brooke and Jonny said...

oh man that's great! Did we ever tell you about the time we spray painted Utes rock in red in my grandma's snow good times

The Stones said...

Wow. So mean. I wonder if Max Hall knows that BYU fans force their love of their team on other people? So low, seriously.

And yes! I've started running again. I started in Sept./Oct-right as it started to cool down! Smart right? So tell me more about the half marathon-I actually may be interested in joining you.

KC said...

Yes, Max Hall speaks for ALL of us...but we did make a deal with the devil that we have to do stuff to Ute fans to make them annoyed too! If I lived any husband could come and fertalize BYU into your lawn! We often do that to Ute fans! :)