Monday, July 27, 2009

Eva's Creations

Eva surprised us by making a new dessert that she came up with. I have to say it was delish!! She wouldn't let me come in the kitchen while she was doing it, so I took a short little nap.She took our overflowing bags of apricots, washed and halved them, put whip cream on each half and topped it with raspberries that she had just picked from the garden. The best part was that she put them in the freezer and they were really good! She gets ideas in her head and likes to get them done. I wish I was more like that.
Here is her cookie business that she and 2 other friends pulled together a few weeks ago. They made different types of cookies and crystal light and pulled all of it around in a wagon, door to door, selling them to our very supportive neighbors. She made sure to tell them that they forgot to put butter in the oatmeal ones.

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Brooke and Jonny said...

Those apricot things were so yummy! We need to come up with a really creative name for them!