Monday, July 27, 2009


This morning I took all 3 kids over to my neighbor's house for a day camp they are doing this week. Becks had been clingy and didn't want me to leave, but his little buddy Danny came over and that ended that. He finally was ok with me leaving and as I was walking away he yelled, "Mom. Be brave!" "Drive Carefully"

OK kiddo.
This little guy makes me feel so loved -

Last weekend at a cabin in Bear Lake my sister Annie told him not to go by a 2nd story deck railing because it was loose and she didn't want him to fall through. She told me, "Becks thinks you are a superhero! He told me he could go by the deck because if he fell, his mom would just save him."
(apparently I can fly, too.)

How long do you think this will last? I'm hoping he stays this sweet for a while. I'm glad he sees me this way and not as the evil dictator that Ethan does because I make him do his jobs during "what is supposed to be his summer break!" Or in Ethan's other words, "This is the lamest summer EVER!"
ohhhh..... I remember the days Ethan thought I was a superhero....

Ethan said to me before he jumped into the water last week, "You know mom. Some people are allergic to water. And if you're allergic to water you better just learn to deal with it because your body is 80% water."

So there you go.


Brooke and Jonny said...

oh man that's hilarious, such a thoughtful son you have there =)

Kierstin said...

That's so funny! He's right, you know. The kid kills me.

The Stones said...

I LOVE Ethan's comments! Seriously Makell, you'll just have to deal with your allergy to water.

And Becks is too too sweet.

Candy said...

He is a hoot. How funny is that.
now you need a book on this stuff too.