Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mayhem: Ethan's party with friends!

So we love parties and we love our friends.  But when you are throwing a party, usually there are always a few that can't make it.  I was planning on that.  Of course you hope that everyone can come, but usually you don't get everyone.    
This year Ethan really wanted to invite his neighborhood friends and some other friends from school that live farther away. I thought that we could do it at a park and he could invite a few more than usual because of more space that we would have, and a good chance that with Memorial Day, there would be a few that couldn't make it.  All 15 showed up.  
Holy Hannah. Have you ever tried to get 15  7-8 year old BOYS to do anything without pure mayhem?    Let's just say that it took almost 10 minutes to form 2 lines to play a game.  Eva counted them off..."one. two.  one. two.  one. two.  Ok all the one's line up here and all the two's line up here."  In a normal world, people remember their number, divide and go to their lines.  In 7 -8 year old boy world it goes like this:  "I'm a one.  No you're a one.  No I'm a two.  Wait - am I a one or a two.  Hey  - let's wrestle! "  And then 2 or 3 of them would break up into wrestle-mania groups and then we had to do a NEW count and do this about 5 times.  
Throw in a pinata, cupcakes, heavy heavy hangover, playdough, bubbles, and you've got yourself a party you're kiddo will remember and so will you....

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I think mom deserves a vacation! :)
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