Friday, May 29, 2009

Living in Harmony

See these cute little birds all perched up in their nest?  
Well for the last 2 years we have had a Kamakazi momma bird that swoops down if we walked past anywhere near nest in the backyard.   The nest is way up high on the rain gutter and we've had a nest there every year for probably the past 5  years.  Have you ever been attacked by a protective momma bird?  It got so bad last year that when I would go out on my deck to water my hanging baskets which are not that close to her territory, she still swooped down, right past your face, skimming it sometimes, and flew to the fence where she watched my every move.  Honestly, there were a few weeks where I was scared to walk in that part of the yard because she would literally dive bomb you.  She wouldn't attack Beckham - he was the only one.  So we'd send him to that part of the yard if we needed anything.  As stupid as this is - I can truly say that it was frightening! Who Knew??  You don't see her coming and then all the sudden you hear and sometimes felt this frantic wing flapping dive bomb right at your head and then it flies to the fence where she turned around and came right back at you.
My in -laws had been staying here with the kids for a week, and when we got home they told us about this bird that kept attacking them.  I chuckled, because I had never been attacked by a bird and thought that was kind of funny.  NOT So!!!  Crazy. bird. living. in. our. yard.    
I am happy to report that this year, she didn't bother us once.  Maybe she trusts us now.  Maybe it's a different bird.  Maybe we have all just learned how to get a long in harmony. Ahhhhh.... 


Jill said...

I hate birds for that very reason! I have been dive bombed by more than one protective momma bird. I'm glad you can now sing Kum-ba-yah and be one with nature!

The Stones said...

Um, I'm with Jill, birds FREAK me out! But I'm impressed with your nature side.

And Becks-could he be cuter? I love the fish story! Oh, and I love him too.