Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ethan's 7th Birthday....Almost a national holiday.

Just for clarification - That is a Lego Cake.  It is gorgeous, I know.   Ethan loved it...
And so did Becks.  After the party he made his move with a spoon and a cake platter. 

The day before his birthday he got to open Auntie's gift to him - he had his Lego Pirate set built that same afternoon.  I loved this picture with Beckham looking on - he is doing everything his older brother is doing and really wanted to touch/play/break all of those Legos....It was killing him to have to sit back and watch!
The morning of his birthday he got to open his gift from Grandma Idaho.  He had been asking me that whole week if he could open it early.  Every day he asked.  Every day I told him he had to be patient.  He didn't even get his hair combed that morning before he went straight to the present....Guess what it is??  Legos!  This kid is in heaven.
Uncle Mikey celebrated with us.  He gave Ethan the means to wreak havoc on an 
unsuspecting older sister and her friends this summer....
Something from Mom and Dad that was NOT a Lego set.... Wii Indiana Jones - the Lego 

Earlier that day after school Eva and 3 of her friends locked Ethan out of the house and all made cards for him.  I thought that was very sweet of her to do.  This time, Ethan didn't tell her what to write.
We had Uncle Kirk stay with us for a couple of months and were able to have Katie and Zach here with us that night, too!  
Grandma Cherie and little boy blue.


Suz said...

Does NO one call him Dooders anymore? :(

The Stones said...

Um, I LOVE the cake. And you look fabulous. Really. Happy birthday dooders! (We still call him dooders) Have fun on your trip!

Kierstin said...

Happy Birthday Dude! Hope you had a great day :)