Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eva Ding

Ever heard of this girl?  Eva Ding.  Eva was reading a book yesterday when she excitedly said that there was a word with her name in it.  Eva Ding.  Eva Ding.  "Mom, what does Eva Ding mean?"  she wondered.
After a quick glance at the word I started to giggle as I read the word 'evading', as in "the suspect had been evading police for 2 years".  Oh that just struck my funny bone.  I still kind of like Eva Ding better, though.  Use it in a sentence.  It's a fun word!


The Stones said...

Love this. If I saw my name in the middle of the word I'd probably do the same!

Candy said...

SO cute. Gotta love it!
Thanks for sharing your fun family with us. It's always a joy to see what your kids come up with next.

PS. Call whn you have an hour and we'll take the kids to the trail.

Suz said...

Gee - runs in the family :)