Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ethan's extreme mini bike

One of the things I love about Ethan is his passion and sometimes obsessiveness with things he enjoys.  He cracks me up, and I love to see how he thinks and how excited he can get over doing things he likes.  He's also got attitude and likes to 'bring it'.  We get a kick out of him. 

Here he is on his bike at the neighbors - Xtreme Mini Bike happening daily in this neck of the woods.

He also carries this passion to the soccer field.  He has perfected the slide tackle.  It is his 'go to' soccer skill.  It's probably partially illegal at this age - not sure.  But all I know is that he is on the ground during the games more than he is not.  This is what his legs and socks look like after every game.  
Even at school recess the slide tackle comes out.  I think he thinks he's pretty cool when he does it, so....the more he does it, the cooler he is!   He has 1 - count it 1 -pair of pants left that don't have grass stains and holes in the knees from playing soccer at recess.  Becks will have no hand me downs from this kid.

Beckham asked me to take a picture of his muddy wet pants, too.  He didn't want to be left out.  Plus, he has to show off the effects of his mud puddle jumping abilities.
Very Cool, Becks.

Love my boys!

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