Monday, April 20, 2009

So there's this goat and a dog.

We live across the street from some riding stables.  The 'barn' also has lots of animals that roam freely.  One of them is a goat that will occasionally come across the street, just wandering up and down the sidewalk.  A little odd, yes.  The other is  a big, no BIG, dog named Slinky.  Slinky thinks he owns the neighborhood.  I remember last year he came into my garage and took a poopy diaper that was sitting on the steps waiting to be taken to the trash.  He ran off with it and did who knows what with it.  Poor person that found it later!  
Today Beckham had had enough of Slinky's shenanigans.  Slinky came over to our yard and took our puppy Jack's  rope toy.  He ran off with it, and Beckham started bawling.  He was ticked.   He walked across the street to the dog with me, went into the big barn's lawn where Slinky was sitting with his winnings he had just stolen, and grabbed Jack's toy away from this dog that was 3 times his size.  He not only bent over to pick up the toy, but as soon as he did he wacked the dog on the nose with it and said, "Bad Dog, Slinky!"
Holy Cajones, kid!  That dog could have bitten his head off, but Becks felt pretty confident that he needed to know who was boss.   I think Becks now thinks he's the boss of the neighborhood.


Brooke and Jonny said...

Oh my word I can totally see him doing that too! I was nervous for the end tho I thought the story was going to end in stitches

The Stones said...

I'm not even a little surprised Becks did that-he's very protective of little Jack! Hopefully he'll be that protective over Kallie when they get hitched later!

Oh, and I love your FHE idea.

Kierstin said...

That's so funny! I love how spirited and confident you kids are... it's a great trait to carry into their lives :)... Now if we could just figure out where they got it from...??