Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Vacation - Off to Vegas

We had a grand time on our family trip and it's about time I posted it, dagnabit!   We left for Vegas on a Friday night right after Eva's soccer game.  The trip started out great because we were still on a high from watching Eva score what I have to say, was an AWESOME goal - it was the goal of the season.  And yes, I'm biased, but it really was so cool.  A powerful kick from outside the goalie box into the very corner of the goal.  We have loved watching her improve this year - we didn't realize how much fun it would be.   
We stayed with Auntie Kirsten in Vegas and really enjoyed being able to spend some time with her and Kunal.  We love staying at Aunties - she always has interesting things she finds and brings home from all of her travels,  good food that she gets me hooked on, and basically takes care of us and makes us feel totally comfortable.  
We took the kids to FAO Schwarz down at Ceasers Palace and let them wander through the store playing with all the toys, the big piano, the dolls, legos, etc.  I was surprised that we didn't leave with any tears or tantrums.  

The "big" piano was a hit - it kept them busy for awhile.  At one point Becks and Ethan were running from one end and sliding on their stomachs down the slide.  Did I mention how well behaved our children were?

Becks has fallen in love with cats and dogs.  He found these little puppies, took them off the shelves and lined them up on the floor, and carried the one around until we left.
Eva and her Auntie.  
Eva only wanted a baby doll from the 'adoption nursery' and so that was her birthday/Christmas gift from Auntie.  It came with the adoption certificate and Eva named her Ashley.  I was surprised she still wanted a doll - but I was happy to see that she hasn't outgrown them yet.  She's my only girl and is almost into that 'tween' stage.  I'm hoping I can hang on to this for  awhile.
Kirsten and Kunal treated us to dinner that night at CPK and Ethan talked Kunal's ear off about the video games and wii stuff at their home.  We really appreciated being able to stay there for a couple of days - we just don't get to see them enough.  
Next it was off to Cali........


The Stones said...

Hey, I know you have loads of things to post, but if you get bored of your exciting vacation stuff, you've been tagged!

Sucka! :)

Brooke and Jonny said...

So we got a doggy last night and I bet Beck's would love him! He looks just like Henry!