Friday, August 29, 2008

School's back in and HOLY @#$$!!

So here are Eva and Ethan before leaving for the first day of school. Can I just tell you how great it is to have uniforms?!!! Drama sessions are pretty much over - it's awesome!

Now for the HOLY @#$$!!

I've been looking forward to having some time now for just mom and Becks home all day while the older 2 are in school. I was a little nervous for Becks - seeing that if he is not in my sight at all times there is a good chance that I'm going to pay for it later. Introduce: Kallie.

Kallie and Becks. Both 2. Both cute as ever. Both mischievious little devil childs! Hilarious when they are together, but TOTAL TROUBLE. Both totally underestimated by me.

We had Kallie over for the day - by 10:00 they had already accomplished MISSION RUNAWAY. I had them playing in the front room while I finished getting ready. I couldn't hear them so I went in and couldn't find them anywhere. I looked outside. These 2 had put on matching white and blue baseball caps from our dress ups, each taken a skateboard from the garage, and headed 2 houses down to go play at a neighbors. Becks thinks he can just leave whenever he wants - I need a padlock for my garage door. Cute, funny, and back safe at home. All is well until....

I again underestimate the power of these 2 year olds. Stupid stupid mom. They went downstairs to play in our little play room. I was on the phone, doing laundry, whatever it is I do all day. So I went down to check on them. All was fine - playing like little angels. I should have known.

Back upstairs I went to do whatever it was I was doing - I went back to check on them again and found this:

They had wandered into the closed-off unfinished area (thank goodness) and found inside a plastic tub all of the craft and poster paint bottles. None of the other kids had ever messed with these. Not so with these two. They dumped all of my wrapping paper container out and poured yellow/red/and orange paint on the floor and then filled the ribbon holder with black paint

What do you do?! Kallie was trying to stay up without slipping in the paint. They had walked around the basement with paint trailing behind them - evidenced in their red and yellow footprints. The trickiest part was getting them upstairs to the tub without the other one following behind. I didn't want him to track paint up through the house, so this was a challenge.

Yes - It's a good thing they're cute!!!


Brooke said...

Wow you are a very patient mom!


Candy said...

I am busting my gut right now.
I LOVE your ever-so-cool voice on the video. I can just hear the inner monologue taking place inside that mmmy head of yours.
Ugh- but really--how cute ARE they?

by the way--I love all your posts.

Candy said...


The Stones said...

Oh my gosh, Makell, this is SO much worse than you made it sound! I am SO SORRY!!!! They are cute though, aren't they? You're an angel for taking her...

Mimi said...

I've had some disasters done by 1 and 2-year-olds but NEVER anything like that! I don't know how you kept your cool. Hope you were able to get everything cleaned up.

it's a good thing you're cute said...

Love the 2 year old drama....but right now I'm so jealous your school kids have UNIFORMS! Every morning we have had clothing drama....I'm so done with that!