Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lego Bomb anyone?

Ethan made a successful and rather resourceful attempt at entrepreneurship today. He constructed a 'lego bomb' out of his gagillions of legos that find themselves all over our house, and then sold it to his friend Hayden for an undisclosed amount of lego dollars. Anyone know where he can spend those lego dollars? He's tried numerous times before to sell his toys out on the street in front of the house, but this was actually something that he created himself - his first product, if you will, and then hawked it for some cash! There is a black market for lego bombs out there...I think he's going to make bank!


The Darrohns said...

I might consider purchasing one of these "Bombs" but I would like to see a picture first so I know what I'm getting.

The Stones said...

I, too, would like the see the finished product before I purchase. I would also like to see some before and after shots of the damage these bombs can do. Does Ethan accept Paypal? American Express? What are my payment options?

Candy said...

So funny.
we'll spread the word while trying to keep it on the DL.