Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mom's big plans

Kerry's going to be gone on business to Virginia all week for computer training (when I say business, we all know I mean business with an emphasis on maximizing any available extra time that is humanly possible to allocate for golf) so this should be interesting as the kids and I are getting ready for school and trying to get back on some sort of schedule. I always miss Kerry while he is away and can't wait to have him home again. But I do have to admit to a guilty pleasure of mine, and that is to be able to have my own schedule for a few days. I always seem to make those big ambitious plans to work on projects, read, not fix dinner if I don't want to (I guess that part happens whether he is here or not sometimes!) I've noticed that this always worked with 2 kids, but once Becks came I just found myself happy to be getting dishes in the dishwasher before 10pm, let alone starting anything new! We'll see how this week goes - main project: Kids Rooms pulled together and basement toys conquered. Mission Impossible?? Probably!
I've already set up a sitter for tonight -I've got plans to go out to dinner and to see Mama Mia with the girls -Angie is in town from Virginia so a few of us are going out to relive our mama mia groupie life again. I loved the broadway, saw it once with friends, once with my sister Annie - no expectations for the show, though. ( I can't wait to see Pierce Brosnin sing - I've heard his voice is horrible!) The rest of the week is filled with soccer, back to school night, school shopping and lunch with Eva, countertops installed.....(finally). All the fun mom stuff that I'm grateful to be able to do and looking forward to. Project Clutter may or may not happen -my main goal this week (honestly) is to be a nice mom - control my temper, not worry about getting everything done, have fun with the kids. Ethan and Eva are already going at it right now as I write this, cleaning the bathroom - ready to punch each other's lights out because the other one "already did the sink YESTERDAY and it's my turn to do the sink, not the toilet!!
Breathe. Stay calm, Stay calm. I'm ready to put on my referree shirt and go to work.... How many day's til school starts again?? I really admire all the mom's that do it alone all the time - amazing. Here we go..!


Kierstin said...

My favorite commercial is the one with the dad riding the shopping cart down the isle at Staples or Office Max and the song, "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." is playing in the background. I never fully understood the humor in that commercial until I had school-age children!! Good luck on your goals this week with the boys gone!

Suz said...

I thought about y'all when I went and saw Mama Mia!! I dragged my mom and my sister when she was in town to it!! My mom loved it!!
Haven't seen an Angie Blog update....how's the house????

The Stones said...

Oh my, Makell, I just posted about my super fun day as a mom! Kids...Honest, let me take Becks on Thursday morning-the single mom thing bites! At any rate, good luck with your projects, and CALL ME!
PS Mamma Mia's a blast-don't take Pierce seriously, and it's a stinkin' riot!

Candy said...

Fun for you.
I'm a little worried to hear what you have to say when it's all said and done...I have a week flying solo coming up as well, not too excited.
Enjoy Mama Mia and the girls.
Oh and I gave up on my clutter busting til next Monday.
Yeay- School!