Friday, February 15, 2008

Will you be mine?

My sweet love sent these beautiful flowers to me the night before Valentines. I loved them!! .............and I was completely surprised! (Kerry doesn't usually keep surprises very long....they turn into, "Well I was going to surprise you, but I can't wait....) The flowers are gorgeous- the picture doesn't quite capture it, but they have these funky wild vines with buds on them that are mixed in with the roses. I love wildflowers, so they were perfect. He said that the lady on the phone asked if he wanted to 'add vines for $5' and Kerry said he had no idea what she was talking about, 'just make them look good!' That sounds about right.
That's not all, though. Eva also had some flowers delivered to her 'from the boys'. She is so lucky to have such a good daddy. She was in heaven.
I have to say, even after all the practical reasons for not spending money on flowers, they absolutely get me every time and make me feel so pampered and spoiled. Thank you, Baby. There's just something about a guy giving his girl(s) flowers.......

For Valentines night we did our tradition of chinese and candles. Kerry and I are going out with some friends Friday night for dinner, so we were able to avoid the crowds and stay in with the kids that night. They request this all the time, but we've only done it on Valentines Day. We order chinese food and set up the table with fine china and candles and have a candlelight dinner at home. Kerry started this a few years ago - We were staying in because Becks was just a newborn, and I went and picked up chinese. When I came home, Kerry had gotten the kids to help him set the table and had the lights off and candles lit when I walked through the door. It was so sweet.
This year we had my mom over for dinner since my dad was out of town and the kids were really excited that she could be there to enjoy it with them! It was a lot of fun, but you know if you have a 2 year old and fire, your nice intimate dinner is going to turn into a circus. Becks kept trying to blow out the candles or play in the wax or see how close he could get his finger to the flame. Eva almost caught her sleeve on fire, and Ethan only got sent to his room once for standing on the bench and not eating his dinner......for the 5th time.
One day my Valentines dinner will be peaceful and quiet and I'll be wondering what happened to my crazy circus...

I love them all so much. I want to be a better wife and mom for them -

Happy Valentines Day!


it's a good thing you're cute said...

Love the flowers! And what a fun tradition with the chinese food! We may have to try that one. Our kids get a big kick out of vday, too. Mike is the same way about surprises. One year, I got a small tv for Christmas in October! I love it, though. It's endearing! And someday when our vday dinners are quiet, I'm going to miss the chaos! Have a great time tonight!!!!

The Stones said...

I think we're going to start that too-having Valentine's be a family thing and then go out that weekend! Sounds fun...Good job on the flowers Kerry!

Candy said...

well, I'm the late one with my comment. I will have to say ditto to the family V-day dinner, chinese, candles and all.
I am also a "flowers get me everytime" girl. Guys are usually so practical, that it's nice to see when they bring 'em, it's usually straight from the heart.
*hopefully not an appology.

PS- Makell, I found some old dance pics of us at a school dance, and my little Alyssa said, pointing to you ... oh, look! A pretty princess. She's soo cute, and her dress is so so so sparkly pink! *so there you go! Did I make your day?

Candy said...

ok, I didn't mean an appology from Kerry with your flowers, I meant in general, when a man brings flowers. Just had to clarify that one, once I thought about it.

Makell said...

Wow - A princess?! It's been a while since I've been called that.
You did make my day~~~~

mckell said...

I love the vines in the flowers. Never seen that before, but it really adds to it! Mom told me about the candlelight dinner and it sounded so fun. You guys always have the best ideas.

mckell said...

FYI: This is not's your darling sister, but McKell is here visiting and I'm signed in as her at the moment... :)

Makell said...

Mel - You just through me for a loop again commenting on my own blog as myself..almost. It reminds me of when I talked to Mckell for the first time on the phone:
ME: Hi, What's up?
Mckell (who I thought was you): Not much
ME: Are your kids out of school?
Mckell: oh -This is Mckell.
ME: (still thinking it was you) Oh, funny Mel. No, this is Makell.
Mckell: No, my name is Mckell.
ME: What? Melanie - This is Makell.
Mckell: I'm Melanie's babysitter Mckell.
ME: You want me to babysit your kids,now?
Mckell: No - my name is Mckell and I watch Melanie's kids.
ME: ..still confused...

Makell said...

spell check -where are you?
it's 'threw' not 'through'....mommy brain wins again.

Tansy said...

You're cracking me up Makell. Thanks for commenting on our new blog. We will try to keep it as updated as yours. (We have alot to live up to)

Harmony, Steve and Devyn said...

Tell Kerry he is a freaking homo. He sent me the exact same boquet of flowers!!
j/k... Kerry is my idol, and he's always raising the bar for all the other males out there. you're a lucky gal makell..



Yeah, McKell and I still laugh at that conversation between you two. I thought using her sign in name to comment would throw you for a loop! Glad to know it worked :)

mckell said...

Whatever mel, you totally did that on accident. it was pretty funny when you noticed it too!

how are you makell? its been basically forever since i have seen you. my blog is pretty lame its mostly for class but i am going to start posting other stuff on it. i am slowly getting hooked, but its more work than myspace and facebook so its taking a while.

well i did enjoy the replay of that convo in my head, thanks for that. i better go pay attention in class, or something. talk to ya later