Friday, February 22, 2008

Ski Day!

Skiing with Daddy?!!
What a great weekend we had! We put the kids in ski lessons back in December, but Kerry hasn't ever seen them ski. So he came up to the ski resort with us to watch the kiddos' improved skills. We loved having him up there with us - and it was fun to have little Becks there, too! They were really good sports - hung out in the not so luxe lodge and walked out to watch us all ski. I'm so glad Kerry was able to come, because it was great for him to see how the kids were doing and they liked to show off for their dad.
Wolf Mountain - It is the place for kids. Inexpensive, small , easy to keep track of everybody.
Ethan loves this place soley for 1 thing: The Magic Carpet. He likes to ride it up, more than he likes to ski down. He could do this over and over and over and over.. and he did.
Eva is doing fantastic!! She is a speed demon and has really been pretty independant. Last month we came with friends and I didn't see her half the time because she just wanted to go up the lift with her friends while I stayed and skied with Ethan. I can see us being great ski buddies in a few years - she is catching on quick and I think she has a crazy side to her!
Beckham had fun with mom. Kerry walked out with him to watch and I took him down the little practice area with me a few times, and up the magic carpet. He was cold - but he kept wanting to go again. He really wanted to ride up the lift with us.....Maybe next year.
If you gotta have winter, might as well Enjoy it! We're so happy to have our friends jumping on board these last few years.....Many fun times ahead!


it's a good thing you're cute said...

My kids have loved skiing this year! It's such a great fam activity and I'm glad you kids are lovin' it! We need to go together! I just read on Stone's blog about you being done with having babies...It's so hard! We'll have to chat more.....I think you make such cute babies you need to make a few more! Jill


You may not believe this, but I am totally jealous! We used to take Mylee and Brooks skiing and it is one of my favorite memories! That's awesome that Eva has picked it up so fast--remind you of anyone (he he).

Tansy said...

Love the pictures! Oh the days when you could stay in snow plow all day long and your knees wouldn't hurt. :)

The Stones said...

Happy Birthday yesterday! I hope your cruise was super fun...!