Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beck's strikes again and Dooders has a new fro

Here's the breakdown: I'm trying to shower but it is tricky becase I have a 2 year old opening and closing the shower door. I finally think of something to get him to leave so I can finish my shower w/out freezing, so I try it. I say, "Becks, let's go brush your teeth" -knowing full well that this makes him run far away from me as quickly as he can. It worked! Ah, peace. I'll finish my shower and then go find him. Becks finds me first smelling extra 'minty'. He tells me that he has just brushed his teeth! "Good Job" I start to say as look over and see mintiness on my couch, my floor, leading into the bathroom, all over the mirror, the sink, the cupboards, toilet, walls, and the entire bottom half of the back of the bathroom door. Definately not the first time, definately not the last with this kid. Here he is feeling pretty picked on because he had to take a bath after the little 'art' session.He is so dang fun and such a little sweet talker that he is getting away with it!!!

Ethan's 3rd Fro installment: Enjoy!

Kerry has signed Beckham up for baton twirling lessons - I keep telling Kerry that he can't live out his life and his dashed hopes and dreams through his child, but it's going in one ear and out the other.

Wow! He's starting to get it! Kerry couldn't be prouder. Next month: Clogging!


The Stones said...

Makell, your posts are always so funny! Um, ya, I don't know if Kallie will be attracted to a baton twirler, so tell Kerry if he wants them to end up together, he needs to let this go. PS Tell Eva thanks for the ear muffs-Kallie slept with them last night and has been carrying them around all morning!


It seems like the twins follow behind Becks by a few weeks. I'm glad it's this way and not the other way around...
Note to self: Keep toothpaste up high and away from the twins! Thanks for the heads up :)