Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So tomorrow I am being completely irresponsible (thanks to my friend Jewelia who is helping me out) and am going skiing with a friend of mine - all day....on a school day..... leaving my 'creative' 2 year old in the care of another..... ditching out on my carpool responsibilities....leaving my house in its chaotic state.......I can't wait!!!

I went skiing Saturday with my little sister Britter and the snow was Unbelievable~! We had so much fun... It was some of The Best skiing we've ever had.......6 feet of snow in the last 4 or 5 days - Ski Utah baby! It doesn't get much better than that... I have to have more.

Just in case you get that mysterious 24 hour bug, (although it's a little hard for stay at home moms to call in sick) go to Utahskiweather.com - great site for ski conditions.

If I was really responsible I would stay home and work on my 'little project'.

The last couple of weeks we have been a little out of sorts and living with some remodeling.

My house is currently in a state of unrest and dishelvelment. We decided to get new carpet in the bedrooms, but you know what that means = You can't buy the dress without buying the shoes! So, off with the doors, off with the old brass hardware, paint all the trim, paint all the doors, paint the walls, replace the lights, live with all of your bedroom furniture in the kitchen! The whole process was going well, and then I sort of hit a wall. Just a little more painting to go, but alas, it's been sitting there in its unfinished state for a week or so.....I'm so tired of painting! But tonight I made some progress and I'll finish up this week - My hubby has been so paitient. We are living with our bathroom being the command center for all of the paint and supplies and half the toys are put away, half are out with no place to go, doors are off of their hinges in the hallway waiting to be put back up.....It is beautiful! Come on over and just enjoy this with us! The good part about all of this is that it will feel so fresh and updated.....It will definately be worth it if I can just get it finished!

My kids, on the other hand are loving it! Krispy Kremes for weekend breakfast, making forts out of the mattresses stacked against the kitchen table, playing hide and seek in the maze of furniture piled in the front room. Kids love that stuff!! These are what memories are made of!


it's a good thing you're cute said...

I'm so proud of you for going skiing on a 'work' day! And, you are brown, but also fun....brown sounded so responsible! And love the remodeling! I'll have to come see when it's done!

The Stones said...

Oh my, Beckham's face is so funny! what a ham...and I think you deserve a sick day, soooo...

Kierstin said...

It sounds like a party to me! I'll send my kids over right away so they can enjoy the 'matress-fort playland' while it lasts.

Makell said...

If any of you send your kids over, you may not get them back! Not becuase I want them to stay because they are all so cute, but rather, you may not be able to find them. If I find them, I'll return them ASAP, don't worry! Just like a forgotten sock, they'll turn up eventually.