Monday, December 8, 2008

A dog named Alfred

The two little devil children (Becks and Kallie) played together today like little angels - snow angels.  Running out on to the deck to see the new snow - bare feet, gloveless.  Again and Again. Running in screaming "I cold, I cold!"  Standing by the fire for just moments.......
And then again.  Running out on the deck, down the sta
irs to the lawn, Making snow angels - barefoot and gloveless.  I am an awesome mom!
Here is a little piece of Kallie and Becks  - their little handprints in the snow next to our new pet "reindeer dog" named Alfred.  Beckham gave him his name, takes him all over the house, feeds him cheerios out of a bowl like dogfood, and wanted me to let him stay outside, because "dogs like it outside in the snow."
 This poor kid wants a dog so bad.  Kerry and I are actually considering a new little puppy for christmas.  It comes with a few stipulations, namely it has to be a small dog, it has to be non-shedding, and we'd also like it to not poop.  I'll take 2 out of the 3.
This would be a don't say anything!  We tried a big lab before - too big for our space.  If Becks wasn't acting like either a cat or a dog the entire day for the last few months, barking to answer our questions, licking people's faces, and crawling around on all fours -we probably wouldn't be venturing into puppy ownership. He chases our neighbors big cats around and finally corners them, picks them up, carries them around the yard, pets them, has conversations with them.  He is in love with the 4 legged friends.   Ethan loves animals too, and Eva is a bit less thrilled and is slow to warm up to them, but she says she likes them also.

I guess we'll see if Santa is able to find anything out there........  


Jon Lewis said...

Hey, this is your backyard neighbor Staci. Jon and I saw a puppy the other week. It was a mix between a American Bulldog and a Shihtzu. Yep they call them bullshits or BS for short (pardon my language). It was really cute and they stay really small and don't shed. Sorry pretty sure it poops. Anyway Hannah really wanted to bring it home so Rosie had a sister but we said hmmmm don't think so. One is good. Anyway happy puppy hunting.

Candy said...

Our kids did the same thing running on the deck with no shoes. Funny.

DO NOT GET A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!
Just kidding. We really do love ours. You just need to make sure you're up for it.

The kids absoulutely ADORE the bajebees out of ours.