Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spellcheck? Check.

I just realized I sent out my Christmas cards - all of them - with our last name spelled incorrectly.  I. Am. Awesome.
But really, what would be worse?  Sending them out with a handwritten "t" crammed into the space where it was left off?  Or paying to have them completely redone? (not in this economy!)  Or deciding not to send them at all? 
Personally, I think what would be worse would have been to spell a common word wrong like "Beleeve" or "elfes" or "missiletow", which would prove for sure stupidity.  
So enjoy our friendly Christmas greeeting from the Wesenskows.  Just say it like you have a lisp.   It sounds pretty good that way.


Brooke and Jonny said...

That is hilarious! I just got your Christmas card today and didn't even notice it I thought it was super cute! I'll have to double check it!

Jill said...

Ok, am I anal that it's the first thing I noticed? I promise I did look at your cute family picture and loved how you added hats, etc. It was a great card! Ha, ha! And yep, let's get our girls skiing soon!

The Stones said...

Makell, that's freaking funny-I didn't even notice! I did notice your stylish hats and scarves-I loved the reindeer ears the best!

Kierstin said...

Thanks for the laughs... it was pretty funny!

Tanya said...

I had read this post, and then when I got your card I had to check :) Oh well, it was a super cute card. Nice job on photoshop - I love the hats!