Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Secrets

Unlocking the secrets of the Westenskow Family Christmas Tree and other little mysteries...

Delving into the delights of the season - here is Captain Jack Santa from Outerbanks, NC

Pre-kids Christmas memory: Stingray City - Grand Caymans

Most Charming memory: Little wood and straw ornaments 
purchased in a small cottage shop in a townsquare of Prague during our 1st anniversary trip to Czech and Turkey.

One of Ethan's 1st obsessions.

Beck's 1st.

The oldest ornament on our tree. Probably circa 1975. Very vintage - just like my husband!

Memory:  Playing Life at Kerry's parents home the 1st year we were married with his brothers and sisters.  Chili and tortillas were made earlier, and let's just say it was a night filled with the smells of the season!  

Ok.  This ornament was given to Kerry and I for our wedding.  I think this is the first year I noticed that the guy looks like he's got an afro.  This takes first place as the cheesiest ornament we have.  It has hung with pride on our tree for the the last 12 years.

Least we forget the golf playing nutcracker.

Most Sentimental:  My Christmas china made by my Grandma Steiner.  
Eva Diva Ballerina 

More Prague charm.

Little Miss Dorothy.  And her little dog Toto, too.

Award for Tackiest ornament - yet hung proudly from our tree.  Kerry picked this little Viking up, no not from a Burger King Happy Meal, but at a little place in Denmark.  He thinks it is awesome.   The lines on the side from the plastic mold are my personal favorite.  He used to put it on the tree and I would try to discreetly hide it back in the box.  Now, it is always front and center.  Why fight it.

Scariest Ornament:  A Christmas Spider.  (legend of the tinsel)  Newly acquired from Midway.

This little guy came from a tiny littleChristmas shop in Oregon , just off the beach near 
haystack rock.  I was able to visit my friend Heather a few years ago and this pinocchio glass ornament reminds me of that trip.

Our little Danish santa given to us by Auntie.  He is one of my favorite little figurines.  He kind of looks like a gnome in this picture.  He's not a gnome.

Our Danish Christmas Kids we picked up on our trip to Denmark in '04.  I love the wooden clogs.

This is what happens when you start to accumulate extras.  Eva gets the overflow and loves it!

Ethan and Becks get to have the Christmas village in their room this year.  They think it is pretty cool.  I got this from a lady I worked for cleaning houses back in High School. 

And finally....
Award for the Most Perilous decorations at the Westenskow home.  If I hang these stockings over the mantel, they get pulled off and are extremely heavy.  Eva gave it a try a few years ago and has a scar on her forehead to prove it.  So to avoid serious injury, every year I bring in the ladder, climb up on to my belly and shimmy across the top of that ledge to hang the stockings.  There is a baby grand piano on one side and a steep set of stairs on the other.  Perilous I tell ya.  
I hope you enjoy all the little delights this time of the year brings.   Merry Christmas!


The Stones said...

What a fun post! I have a bunch of "memory" ornaments saved for our second tree...whenever that will be in play! But mine are from places like "Yellowstone", a little less cool than Prague! Cute cute house Miss Makell!

Brooke and Jonny said...

Hey i think i've been to that little christmas shop in Oregon, twice actually. Jonny and I are jealous of yours and Kerry's day. Cute decorations!

Candy said...

I love that you posted these photos and fun memories you have with them. You are so lucky to have traveled so many places.

I can't believe your Grandma made that China. Really neat.