Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chris Isaak. May I swoon for a minute here?

Ok.  I have a little crush. Kerry and I had tickets to see Chris Isaak  at Red Butte Gardens Tuesday night.  One of this summer's highlights, hands down.  He put on an incredible show.  He is all sorts of retro-cool and full of absurdities with a fantastic live band.  He is almost impossible to classify or describe. He had me at his bright yellow sequined suit he wore as he walked out on stage for the first time.  Not many people can pull off a suit like that, but he can.  I could have listened to him play all night and woo us all with his wit and charm.  Smooooth like buttah, this boy.   I started listening to him in college and I love his voice - the high falsettos and the low low baritones.  But I had no idea what a great performer he was in the flesh or how devilishly, genuinely funny he was.
 Fantastic venue, too.  Red Butte is one of my favorite places to see live music because you are right up in the foothills.  It's low key and a little more of an intimate setting.  The place was packed...completely sold out.  
Kerry originally wanted to see his "girlfriend" Natalie Merchant who played last week.  He's always had a little thing for her when she was with 10,000 Maniacs.  Well, I dragged him to this instead.    But he'll be the first to tell you he completely underestimated this guy.  His voice was phenomenal.  Kerry and I had so much fun.   Mr Isaak and his band looked like they were having so much fun.  Maybe that was what was so great about it -cool and confident, charmingly delightful Mr. Isaak knew how to put on a good show and make it look easy....and totally rocked.  Rockabilly, baby!
Kerry doesn't believe me, but the other guy that is similar in take-you-by-surprise-understated-charm is Lyle Lovett.  That man puts on one amazing show with his 'Big Band' in tow.  The full sections of the drums, brass, and strings - you get it all.    See him once and you'll become a fan.  Better yet, see both of these shows and you can thank me later :) 


Jill said...

Casey & Nicole saw Lyle Lovett because Casey likes him. Nicole is now a huge fan! Glad you loved it! Nothing like a concert under the stars! He is a hotty!

KC said...

I made Brian take me to see Chris Issac the summer of 2003...which was about a month after we actually met! I LOVE Chris as well...I guess I didn't realize he was in concert again! It would have been awesome to go to!

The Stones said...

Lyle Lovitt? OK Makell, if I go to one of his concerts and I think he's a dork, I'm sending you the bill! :) That being said, I DO trust your taste, so maybe I'll give him or Chris a try. xo