Friday, August 20, 2010

Here's a little ditty for you...

After sorting through both of my son's rooms with them, I am almost ready to tackle Eva's with her.  She is her own girl and has her own ideas of how her room should be.  Occasionally, we need to intervene.  When we were reading this morning, Becks grabbed this book on manners called Are You Quite Polite?  by Alan Katz and David Catrow.  All of the poems go along with familiar songs and remind me a little of Shel Silverstein. Anyway, here is one of the songs that is dedicated to all of the mom's that are scared to go into their children's rooms for fear of being swallowed up and lost forever.  Enjoy!

Try Being Neat
(to the tune of "America the Beautiful"...much funnier if you sing it....especially opera style)
Look in your room
Is it a mess
'Cause cleaning's what you dread?
And does it take a
For you to find your bed?

Try Being neat
It's quite a treat, 
And the best news is this:
Under that clump
Of clothes, that lump
Could be your baby sis!

Check your backpack
For last week's snack
It's prob'ly hiding there
Don't touch it, though
Because you know
Pudding should not have hair!

Try Being neat 
It's quite a feat
It's good to show you care
So organize
All of your underwear!

(Angie - those last two lines are for you!  I know you read this once in a while......)

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