Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Just In.......Breaking News

Prepare for like, really annoying tweenie talk:

Oh. my. gosh.  Oh. my. gosh.  Oh my gosh!  Don't be, like, totally jealous, but I just found out that
teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has the same birthday as, yours truly.  March 1.  Eva.Can.Not.Believe.It.
She found out while reading his unauthorized biography.  So it must be true.  So totally awesome!!  It must be a sign!

Aaaaagghhhh!  Are we really to this phase already?  She's got the Bieber Fever like every other girl in America and would love to become a tweenie groupie for Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber.  She just spent her reading tickets to buy a JB book and a JB CD.  The fantastic thing about this is that it also came with a free poster of the beloved Justin Bieber that she can plaster all over her walls.  Heaven help us!  And it's not just her.  Oh no. It is every friend from school, in the neighborhood, etc.  She and her friend Elisabeth just made a JB fan club poster.  It's pretty exclusive.

I guess it was about this time (4th grade) that I had a HUGE crush on this guy Michael Jackson.  You may have heard of him. My first love, really.  I specifically remember on my birthday getting a pencil box with his face plastered all over it and a large MJ poster that would hang in my room for subsequent years.  It was the pure Michael.  Pre nose job(s), skin lightening, Neverland)  The Thriller Days.

I'm sure my parents were just dying when I begged and pleaded for that poster.  But they gave it to me anyway.  Maybe they remembered how they felt about Elvis? haha  So I am going to try and remember what it feels like to be a 10 year old with a crush and let Eva just 'be'.

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rabidrunner said...

This was great. In fact, as I was reading your daughter's description of the tweenie hearth throb, I had Michael Jackson flashbacks. So when you started to talk about your hysteria for Michael Jackson, I squealed with glee. Fer reals. I really, fer reals, squealed with glee. I even had the same poster.

He was so very handsome!