Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Google it!

Technology is amazing.  Really, our kids are going to think we sound as ancient as the pioneers when we tell them how life was 'pre-internet'.  How we actually had to go to the library and look up subjects in large wordy books called Encyclopedias and sort through micro films to get articles from past newspapers.  If we wanted to take a vacation somewhere, you had to write to the local tourist bureau and have them send you informational brochures, then call a travel agent to see about what hotels to stay in and what they cost.  They'll think we are archaic when we tell them about the first time we had a 'car phone' (not a cell phone yet, it had to be plugged in to the lighter) that was as big as a brick.  How we actually had to make sure we were home or up at a certain time if we wanted to watch a specific show on TV, and that we used to actually write letters to see how people were doing. 
In the world they live in, information is just a few keystrokes away.  To prove my point as to just how powerful and all knowing the internet is in their minds, here is a google search that Eva put in to look for a new toy our family is getting.  

  Google search:
 every trampoline in the whole world for sale

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The Stones said...

L-O-V-E. You're getting a trampoline? Can't wait to see your mad flip skills!