Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Part Deux: Speaking the Lingo......Again.

Compare and Contrast:  

What is different about these 2 pictures - that should look exactly the same because they were taken only an hour  apart? 
Just after the weeding that the little 4 year olds decided to do to my garden, I went back inside and watched as they played in the sandbox and did little boy things.  All was well. Broccoli was dead, but all was well.
2 hours later
Becks mentions in the car as we are getting kids at school that he picked some flowers for the moms in Honduras.  I asked what flowers he had picked, to which he quickly said, "No. I mean I DIDN'T pick any flowers."  Hmm..  Suspicious  
Next Question:  
Why is there a red bucket hanging from my tree branch?


To keep the tulips safe that they picked to give to the moms over in Honduras.  All of them.  Each and every tulip that decided to light up my yard with color as the only sign that the bleak winter was coming to an end.  

We have been making little bead bracelets for Kerry to take on his trip to Honduras that they hand out to all the kids, and I guess Becks wanted to make his own contribution.
Honestly.  How do you get mad at a kid when he tells you he's picking flowers to take to the moms?

One year, all too soon, I am going to have all of my tulips blooming beautifully in my yard and wish I had a little 4 year old that would come back to pick them and hide them in a bucket for safekeeping.


Jill said...

That was really sweet of Becks! Seriously-I got a little teary!

The Stones said...

Hands down the sweetest thing I've ever heard! What a sweetheart, I am PRAYING he picks Kallie for his wife!