Sunday, March 7, 2010

Smoochie Patrol

We have moved into a new phase in our family.  The phase where dad takes mom and gives her a big kiss, deliberately in front of the kids, just to get them to hide their faces and cry out, "EEWWW!!"  My parents did it to us as kids, Kerry's parents did it to him and his siblings, and here we are fulfilling our parental obligation to pass on the love.
Eva had the camera and snapped this great photog just as Ethan was running in the room, full speed to break us up.  Ethan has taken it upon him to proclaim himself as the "Official Smoochie Patrol."  When any display of affection occurs, the kids sound the alarm, yelling "Smoochie Alert! Smoochie Alert!" .  Ethan runs full speed from any corner of the house that he is in and barrels himself right into us, saying, "Alright. Break it up.  Break it up".  Using as much force as he can muster, he attempts to break us apart by squeezing himself between us.    All Ethan needs now is a clipboard and an orange vest leftover from the elementary school's hall patrol. 
We are such law brakers!  We are total Rebels.  Breakin' the law, all day long.  Laughing danger in the face of the hall patrol.  
We. Are. So. Incredibly. Cool.   One day our kids will know that, too! 


The Stones said...

I love this pic! You look so happy...and freakin' hot!

Kierstin said...

That is a great picture of you guys!

Jill said...

We haven't reached that stage in life yet. Maybe Kerry needs to school Mike in this a non-gay way :)