Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was just putting in a calendar appointment and I had a good little laugh, all by myself.  So I thought I would share.

What I typed into my phone was supposed to say :
 11:30 Appt. with Dr. Yeates.

But what it actually says, because the smart phone autocorrected the word 'Yeates' is:
 11:30  Appt. with Dr. Testes.

I wonder if I should reschedule?


KC said...


Kierstin said...

Isn't that Kerry's side job?

Makell said...

Yes, it is in fact. He said that Reed and MIke are his best clients!

Jill said...

Hey....wait a second. I didn't even make a comment here...so why do I get blasted with Reed?


Makell said...

Mike! My apologies!! :)
I guess I'm so accustomed to having to share him with you and Reed that it must have just slipped out accidentally.
Plus - you three are just so cute together! You're like the 3 Amigos singing about Little Buttercup and dancing around in your tight pants and big sombreros.

Kierstin said...

Makell! How did you know Reed has tight pants and a huge sombrero!!?? I thought those things were private for my viewing pleasure only. I'm shocked.

Now I know what their 'golf' trips are all about. They might as well just say that they have a 'Doctor's' appointment.

The Stones said...

Hey I miss ya! I'm excited to hear about your "blind date"! :)