Sunday, March 28, 2010

Psycho Analysis

  We all have odd behaviors.  I'm the first to admit that I drive myself crazy.  However I do, in good faith, try and make an effort to systematically think through it to figure out WHY I do what I do.  If for nothing else,  I think human behavior is interesting.

  But this one is hard for me to identify as to the mentality or reasoning behind it.  Here is the issue:

 When reading articles - be it on the internet, in a magazine, informational booklets, etc,  I find myself starting at the end of the article.  And if I like what I've read, I'll move to the next paragraph above it, and so on and so on.  Many times I'll almost read 3/4 of the article backwards and wonder why I didn't just start from the beginning. This happens almost 9 out of 10 times.

Anyone else out there with this little irritating eccentricity?

 Or better yet,  anyone else out there that can tell me the psycho analysis behind it?  Is it because I'm impatient? Untrusting?  Arrogant - need to make sure it is worth my time?  Just extra cool?  That's probably it.  Any wise (or sarcastic) insight is gladly welcomed.  Any other weirdos out there?  Don't be shy.

p.s.  I also ritually crack all of my toes before I fall asleep, among other things.  But that's just a bad habit - no analysis needed.


Jill said...

No idea on the reading backwards deal, but I crack my toes, too! We must be soul toe sistas!

rabidrunner said...

I had a piano teacher once that made me learn everything backwards. She said that the measures you learn first are always the ones you know the best, so if you learn it backwards, you know the end the best.

She said that psychologically, this was good for performing because you were heading into the parts you knew best. You would start in the not-so-known and move into the very-known.

Now. What this has to do with you reading stuff backwards, I have no idea. Do you read books that way too?

The Stones said...

No analysis, only have to say-that's why I adore you! I love your "quirks", maybe because it makes me feel better about all of mine. (And they are numerous, believe you me.)