Thursday, February 4, 2010

Skiing the Wolf

Martin Luther King Day found us at Wolf Mountain with Greens, Walls, and Elinkowskis for a kiddos ski day. This was a pay-off day for me. All of the work involved in taking the kids skiing -sans Dad -is starting to pay dividends. Equipment management is the name of the game for this sport, and with extra kids in tow it can take a lot of effort just to get from the car to the ticket counter. Boots (x4) buckled and rebuckled, gloves tucked in to coat sleeves until just perfect, helmets adjusted, carrying the skis and poles only to find yourself taking everything off again so that they can use the bathroom before they hit the lifts.
Now I'm finding that Eva is pretty much skiing all over the mountain with her friends, and really doesn't need mom there anymore. Ethan is riding the lifts by himself, looking for jumps (teeny tiny) and is able to wreck completely on the hill and put his own equipment back on himself. I'm beginning to see the light.......!
The great thing about Wolf Mtn. is not only the price, but the small size and proximity of everything to the lodge. The magic carpet and practice hill is perfect for beginners and first timers, and the there is a terrain park right off the bunny hill that the kids love.
Ethan's first attempt at a jump :)
Generally I don't take a lot of pictures skiing. But today I was able to get a few because I wasn't skiing. I had decided to take Becks up for the first time and just walk up and down the practice area with him.
He loved the magic carpet and eventually was able to get on and off on his own.
Unlike his brother and sister, Beckham ONLY wants to do French Fries - ski's straight forward. He has no interest in learning how to do the pizza snow plow. He would not do it for me, so we really never figured out the stopping part.
Jewelia with Amanda on her first day. She did awesome!

Becks was tired of this dumb baby hill and wanted to go on the BIG lift. I hadn't purchased a ticket, so I just kept telling him no.... .
Until Brandon saved the day! He asked if he could take Becks up on the lift for a quick run. The look on Beck's face shows how ecstatic he was!
Jacob, Brandon, and Beckers. All survived.

Tricia :)

Eva and Anna - 2 little ski bunnies looking for trouble.

See Ya, Mom!

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