Friday, February 5, 2010

Random January Wrap Up

I know a lot of people don't like January, but I really quite enjoy it. The craziness from Christmas is over and I finally feel like I have some time to get things in order and to play a little bit more. Here are a couple of things we did this month: (thanks to having a good camera phone!)
Visited the Ogden Treehouse museum with Kristin and Lori's kids when they had a teacher's comp day. The older kids are gone at this point - all run off together and pretty much entertain themselves. Becks hung back and decided to start the day out as a fireman.

This is what you do when you are waiting for mom to get your hair combed before church. Precariously hang all of your Lego Bionicles from the cliff of bedroom death.

Sledding with Daddy,Uncle Steve and Devyn. It took Steve an hour to get Dev ready, and she was done after 1 time down. Been there before.... Now the boys couldn't get enough of it.

Skiing with friends up at Brighton. Eva with her friends Lauren and Chloe. Later that night we all had planned to go to our church and had a pot-luck and pizza and played dodgeball. Some of our kids are getting older now and they were the one's that the parents ended up playing over and over to try and beat. It's those 9th grade boys that are turning into men and have a lot of energy and skill, unlike their has-been dodgeball champion parents.
Same day skiing, this pretty much summed it up for Ethan, until the last hour or so. Angie and Kristin stayed with Ethan back at the lodge so I could get a good run in - off the groomers. When I came back, he was sawin' logs. On the lift earlier he said his ear hurt. Then he got off the lift and in the bottom gully of a hill, he said that he was afraid of heights. By the end of the day, he said his fear of heights was gone. I think he just needed a little nappy-nap.

Dooders long lost buddy Harrison came in from VA for Christmas and was able to get baptized here. Ethan's big day is just around the corner - crazy! Angie put together a fantastic dinner afterwards...would we expect anything less? :)

Playing fetch with the dryer balls.

Surf-n-Swim with the neighbors. Becks loooves Jacob. Older, cool kid that totally pays attention to him. He is such a cutie. Maybe he'll still be around down the road after his mission when Eva is starting to notice the boys....

A little bit of everything in a Utah winter....

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Brooke and Jonny said...

I loved these 2 posts, so fun! You guys have been busy it seems like. You are such an active mom and I love it, I hope I'll be like that with my little ones. And dodgeball that is awesome. If we did a Darrohn Dodgeball match I'm pretty sure it would end in death of some sort...none of us are really very competitive...right?