Thursday, February 4, 2010

Becks at home

Yesterday Beckham told me to stop whatever I was doing and watch what he was going to do. As I watched him, he lifted up his one leg and bent forward with his arms out to the side like an airplane, balancing on one foot. (an arabesque) After I told him how incredible that was, I asked him where he learned how to do that. He told me he learned it at "balancing class". I asked him where balancing class was. He told me that the class was waaaaayyy over the mountain, far away. I wouldn't know where it was.

In church on Sunday, I looked out as he went to get a drink. He is always very good to come right back, arms folded. But he never came back. I leaned back and saw this little kid doing summersaults in the foyer, over and over, where everyone in the back could see him. As I went to retrieve him he was quite upset because he said he needs to practice for summersault class.

Beckham said the prayer for lunch yesterday. Amongst other things, he asked that we could all try and be good and do the same things that superheros do.

And just now he asked for the use of an empty box and wanted the tape. He said he was putting all of his toys in it and taping them up, because he has a mean friend that steals toys. This mean friend's name is Abba. (like the singing group....only it's a boy) and he is mean and steals all of his toys and that he lives (motioning with his arm in a big half circle) waaaaaayyy far away in the Island of Sodor.

At dinner I asked Drama Boy to finish his food or he wouldn't get to have a treat later. He said, "Mom, does it look like I care?" I told him he better not talk to me like that and he said, "Well, does it? Does it look like I care on my face?" He really wanted to know.


KC said...

It sounds SO much fun at your house! Brooklyn told me I was dispicable! I turned off the Wii.... KIDS!

Kierstin said...

Oh, that's impossible not to bust up laughing at! I know you wanted to scold him but ended up cracking up... that's too funny! I wonder where he hears stuff like that?? Daddy, perhaps? hmmm...