Saturday, May 23, 2009

It is 5:45 am

and I can't sleep! I've gotten up to go to the gym early all (well, not ALL week), and it was a struggle. How come, on  a Saturday, when I am planning on sleeping in, I can't sleep past 5am?    Kerry woke up at 5am to get ready to golf and I woke up  - bright eyed and bushytailed at the same time. 
 In the meantime, as I lie there in bed begging my body to go to sleep, there is a war going on in my head.  One side is saying: Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  The other part of my my mind has been fighting back with these random thoughts:

*I really need to have 'the talk' with Eva.  What is the best way to do this?  Why haven't I done it yet?  Does she already know?
*remember to call Tiff about soccer
*do I really want to try and go to the mall this weekend and deal with the crowds?  There are some good sales out there...
*I wonder if my order has shipped yet
*Why am I still awake!!!
*I need to start preparing more for Trek....  Where can I find a bonnet?  And blumers?  I need to be reading my scriptures more.  I should do it now while I am awake, but then..
*I wonder if I need to start reading the RS lesson for Sunday....I'm sure our teacher will be there, but just in case.. 
*maybe I should get up and go through some stuff from the basement?
*What do I need to pull together for my DC trip?
*I wonder if I put my sleeping mask on if I could sleep.
*I'm kind of hungry.
*Why am i still awake!
If Kerry were here, I would go out for a run. I think.  But he's not.....
So - I've been checking out all of ya'lls blogs.  Your lives are interesting enough that it has kept me awake....until just about now.  Now I'm tired and the sun is up.  Maybe I can get in an hour or so?


Kierstin said...

You are funny. I applaud you for getting up that early every morning... YAY MAKELL! WAHOOO! I, on the other hand, am a much better (and more conscious) mother if I actually get some sleep in the morning and workout at night. K, so the talk with Eva. I was just watching Oprah a while ago and recorded a show that deals with just this topic! It is amazing. She had a sex therapist on and a mother who needed to talk to her 10 year old daughter but didn't know how. The therapist sat down with the mom first and explained the blunt way she should explain 'the mechanics' to her daughter and then they brought in the daughter and the therapist sat there for support as the mom explained the same 'mechanics' to her daughter. It was so clean-cut, up front, honest, and un-goofy/embarrassing for her daughter. Brilliant! Mikaela has already started to ask questions so I know that this will come in handy in the next year or so. I have it recorded if you want to come over and watch it??? Good luck!

Brooke and Jonny said...

About the trek bonnet part, my sister was in trek this last year and you two are about the same size. I'm positive you could borrow all of her stuff. Let me know. Ps my mom never had the "talk" with me. Not that I can remember anyways. I think I turned out alright =)

The Stones said...

L-o-v-e your thoughts, hillarious. I hate that, I can't shut off my brain if I'm up anytime after 4:30!

PS you can get all that pioneer stuff at that White Elegance store. They have all your bloomer needs!