Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wonderlands when your 6

Ethan and his cousin Colton found their own secret spot to be 6 year olds up in Rexburg this weekend.  The snow drifts that Kerry's parent's get behind their house are fantastic - about the height of their fence.  This makes for some great adventures. 
Here is Ethan's personally guided tour:

I have very specific 'secret fort/clubs/forests' memories from when I was little.  Most of my memories are with my best friend growing up, Chelsea.  We  used to find big fridge boxes and make secret clubs with secret passwords and folders.  We found a spot behind a rock wall that was ours to explore, until the old grouchy lady told us to get off of her property.   We used my parents food storage room to set up desks and chairs for our club and we helped ourselves to the big box of bulk chocolate chips that were in there, too.  (Side note - we would hide the evidence of the chocolate by swishing with Listerine!  Brilliant! So we thought.  My parents say they knew all along.)
I love this kind of stuff.  To me, one of the best parts of being a parent is being able to come full circle as you watch your kids make their own spaces.  It's a whole different world to a 6 year old than it is to a parent.  I'm sure my mom thought the same thing that I do now, when we would drag all of the stuff into other rooms for our clubs - just another mess she was going to have to deal with, but was willing to do it so we could play.  But as a kid, that place was a wonderland.  


Brooke and Jonny said...

I would have been in heaven there and probably playing right along side with them I love things like that! Glad you guys had fun up there!

Candy said...

That's Crazy-
How fun for them.

The Stones said...

Oh, that brings back so many memories! I remember doing the exact same thing off our roof when I was a kid. Childhood is so fun, and it's so good you're catching those memories!

Kierstin said...

seriously.... the main dining room??? that one had me laughing!

Kierstin said...

That is so funny about 'Retardo'. That one made me laugh. Reed tells me that you guys have good things to say about Reams produce? Do you shop there?

Kierstin said...

Wahoo for cheaper produce in ghetto stores!! I'm goin' for sure after payday. Thanks for the info. Any other awesome places to shop that you'd like to share? please help a sista out. we are so broke, as you know :)