Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taggety Tag Tag

I am answering Brooke's tag which, thankfully was really quick and easy.  I usually slowly forget to do them and then forget all together!
Here is the game:

This is my dear 'older by 5 years and I'll keep reminding her of that' amazing friend Kristin and her " wishes he could still feather like he used to" husband Ron on our cruise while we took a sailing adventure.  Right now I am jealous because they are off galavanting around in Thailand and other parts of Asia with their family for a couple of months while the rest of us are here in the cold!  Lucky Suckers!   
At the bottom of the pic is my other dear cooler than ever friend Lori that was on her first cruise/first couples only leaving the kids at home vacation.  She totally deserved it and gave us all some great snorkeling stories...  I wish my 4th picture had been the one of her doing the dead man.  Maybe next time...
I tag:
Melanie  (Update, Update, Update sister~!)



Josh and Emily said...

Hey Makell, Would you mind putting a button for my fundraiser tea on the right side of your blog? If that is okay email me at emily.7n@gmail.com. Thanks!

The Stones said...

Hey, what about OUR cruise? Although ours was a teensy bit colder!