Friday, February 13, 2009


I apologize for the cutesy cutesy blogging, but these were just so fun that I had to post. Eva's friend Hannah brought over these adorable valentines on Friday that she made. How clever! Here are some funny Valentines mentionables:
These are a couple of notes we saw in Eva's Valentines box from her friends at school. One says: "You are nice because you are not mean to people." ha ha Love it!
The second one says: "Eva, you are a good friend because yesterday you played with me and you listen to my troubles." I wonder what kind of troubles you have as a 3rd grader :)
This was Ethan's Valentine's mailbox 'train' he had to make for school....As you can tell I'm not much for the 'parent making amazing things for their kids to take to school' deal. I like that it is his little creation.


The Stones said...

I think the Valentine-at-school-thing is so fun, I can't wait till Kallie gets to participate!

Makell, I think you're nice because you're not mean to people. And I like you because you listen to my troubles...actually, that's completely true! XO

Kierstin said...

I always loved making my valentine box for school. Mikaela doesn't get to do that because her school SUCKS! j/k