Friday, January 30, 2009

Early morning workout.

 Life right now is busy, but good and content.  I have been potty training a puppy and my little three year old Becks, and that has kept me somewhat homebound the last week or so.  Days spent helping kids with school projects, building dioramas about Arctic Foxes, reading, memorizing, etc.  Taking care of kids with colds, doctors appointments, church callings, trying to get bids for the basement.  Squeezing in a ski day here and there.  Cleaning. Laundry. Typical day to day stuff.  

I'm proud of myself for the habit of running/exercising that I have developed over the last few years.  I get up early and I'm done by 6:30 or 7, ready to start the day.  I used to be a night owl, but I have transformed into a morning person out of necessity with kiddos. That is MY time.  I need it.  It is the only time of the day that is totally mine, no other pressures.  It has become more of a mental benefit than anything, and if  I don't drag myself out of bed, the rest of the morning I can't seem to get going.  Without fail, I'll be in my pajamas until noon.  
So it is what it is, and that is how most of my mornings go.

 But yesterday.  Yesterday presented itself with a little added bonus thought on my way into the gym.  There is a man that works at the  front desk and he is friendly and says hello every morning.  One day we figured out that his wife and I have the same last name of Westenskow and we sorted out the family tree to find out how we were all related.  So now we are friends and he keeps track and gives me a hard time if I only run into the gym for 20 minutes and then leave.  Yesterday as I was walking in I stopped to look at the women's bodybuilding/fitness poster on the door - Wondering who these people are that do this sort of stuff.   This guy at the front desk asked me when I came in if I was going to enter that contest.  "The bodybuilding contest?" I said almost laughing.  "Yeah, why not.  All you have to do is start dieting, working out, drink distilled water and get a tan."   
Oh, that's it?  So you're saying, all I have to do is actually get toned, work out MORE, diet intensely, and get this fair skin of mine all tanned and leathery?  Dude, I am in, if  that is ALL have to do! 

 I can just picture myself on stage, all pulled together with a nice orangey spray tan,  high heels.  I'd have to bow out on the string bikini deal and wear my trusty tankini with supportive straps that allows me to chase my kids all over the pool.  My family sitting in the audience watching mom flex muscles that currently don't exist, but COULD if I start training now.  Yeah, I've got a pretty good visual of this whole thing and it ain't pretty.   Soooo tempting...
He kept saying oh come on, you could do it, to which I replied that this was the most ridiculous conversation I have had in a long time and that was why I was laughing so hard.

  I like to think he was trying to be complimentary, but I'm not dumb enough to believe he was serious!  Maybe he was just mocking me.  Now that's just cruel.
Anyways, it made it a little less typical of a morning, and for that I'll say thank you!


Kierstin said...

So, are you going to do it? I totally think you should. You'd be super sexy with orange skin and veiny, muscle-bound limbs. Come on, don't be such a woosie.

The Stones said...

Eww, muscles make me vomit.

Love, TAMN

(Doesn't that sound like something she would say?)

Tanya said...

Ok, can't see you entering the competition, but YOU ARE lean and in shape. So there!

Tanya said...

Are you signed up for any races? Let's do one together this summer.