Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This kid is a maniac.  I took him skiing and when he gets off the lift, he goes straight down.  He thinks it's boring to do any sort of turns.  You just pray he doesn't kill himself. When he gets down to the bottom, he sort of has to start all over.  He whines, Why do you convince me to go on this again?  Why Why Why... I just want to sit here in the snow. Why why why!
And then we get to the top and he's like, "C ya!"  He's a crazy whiner.  That's what my new name for him is.  
He has had some funnies this last month.  Here are a few:

1:  Pulling into a gas station, he asked if he could go in and get a drink.  Kerry said no because we were almost home.  Almost crying and absolutely dumbfounded,  Ethan then asked, "Do you want your SON to DIE from THIRST!?"    He really wanted to know.

2.  Kerry said to him one day, as he always says things like this in hopes of getting lucky later,  "Hey Dooders.  Why is your mom so cute?!"     Ethan's reply was that it was "because she wears make-up and a mask."

3.Ethan getting ready for church one Sunday morning, asked me if he could take his Lego guy to church.  "Nope bud."  was my reply.
"Well, Ok Mom.  It's just that my Lego guy wants to know more about the church , so that is why I want to take him."  Nice try.  In fact, very clever.

4.  He keeps asking me why I CONVINCE him to do everything.  "You keep convincing me and convincing me and convincing me to do things.  Why! Why! Why!"  These things he is referring to are putting on his shoes, coat, getting in the back seat for carpool, etc.  I think he means "Nagging" rather than convincing.  Or maybe "persuading" would be a better word.  That's the fun part about kids learning new words - not knowing exactly how to use them yet.


Brooke and Jonny said...

We have both the cars on ksl and craigslist and we have had tons of people call about mine and like 20-30 test drive but then nothin! No we're not getting another car we just are trying to get rid of which ever one sales first

Kierstin said...

That's so funny how he is so dramatic about stuff. Maybe it's the age? Kaela is uberdramatic at the moment too.

The Stones said...

OK, the Lego man thing is by far the funniest thing I've ever heard! Seriously, I'm blown away with how smart he is. Don't you care about the Lego man's eternal salvation, Makell? C'mon!

PS So did Kerry's little comment work? Never mind, I don't want to know! ;)

Auntie said...

I have to share one of my favorite Ethanisms (actually several, all occurring in about 5 minutes) as well.

A couple of years ago after Christmas, Ethan and I were going to Walmart to pick up who knows what, and as we walk in the door by the McDonald's, he says, "Auntie, did you know that most people, after they go to Walmart, go to McDonalds?"

Then, a couple of minutes later as we're nearing the fireworks display, he sighs loudly and says "We NEVER get fireworks at our house." So, I tell him that if that's true, his mommy probably has a really good reason for not buying them, to which he responds after another BIG sigh, "No, she doesn't."

Next, we're nearing the milk section, and the sigh returns. "We NEVER have chocolate milk at our house." To this, I couldn't help but laugh out loud because I think Kerry considers choco milk one of the major food groups. The scary thing is all of this occurred when Ethan was three, so it sounds like his persuasion skills are only strengthening as he gets older. Good luck Makell!