Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eva's Strategy Worked!

Over the holidays we had a surprise nativity brought piece by piece to our doorstep each night, along with a note about the particular piece.  It was really a cool idea and I have to thank whoever it was that did it for us.  The kids really looked forward to it each night.  So much, that Eva and Ethan concocted a plan to discover who it was.  
"No, don't do it you guys.  I'm sure they want it to be a secret.  Just enjoy it"  is what I told them.  However, they had a slew of ideas up their sleeves:
Hide outside in the bushes
Hide in the back of Grandpa's truck that was in our driveway and 'wait' for them to come.
Bury themselves in the snow on the front lawn, with only their eyes uncovered so that they could see who it was.  
All great plans, but in the end, this is what worked.

Eva, Ethan, and Eva's friend decided that they would turn off all of the lights in the house so it looked like we weren't home.  They pulled out the big flashlight, and sat waiting by the inside of the front door, waiting, waiting, waiting.
I wasn't worried - I figured they were too early in the evening for it to come.
Ding Dong.
In an instant I heard them all shuffle to their feet, scrambling to open the door and Eva yelling "Caught Ya!!!" as the poor person ran to hide.

" I got em'  I got 'em"  Eva exclaimed.  
"Who was it?  Could you tell who it was?"  I asked.
"Yes!!!  It was............A Person!!"

Good Work Eva!  SuperSleuth!


Carolyn said...

Too funny! We also got this wonderful gift every night. I think after a couple days they got worried we'd catch them because they didn't knock. My kids were trying to come up with all kinds of schemes too. To the person/people who did this for our family: Thanks so much for helping us remember Jesus with this special gift!

Candy said...

What a great idea. The nativity pieces, as well as Eva and Ethan's awesome Scotland yard skills.