Monday, January 14, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

Last month, just a week or so before Christmas, Kerry's sister Kirsten - aka "Auntie"- totally hooked us up. She was able to get us a room at the luxe Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for a couple of nights and my awesome mom and sister helped us out with the kids while we were away. It was such a great trip! The hotel was fabulous.....Someplace we would probably never stay normally, but for a couple of days, we were p-r-e-t-t-y d-a-r-n-cool.
The room was on the 54th floor and had an entire wall of windows looking out into all of the lights. The bathroom was amazing itself -beautiful and bigger than many rooms in my house, and Kerry was able to get comped a $500 round of golf.
But the absolute most incredible part of the trip was.....drumroll please........ The CHOCOLATE!! The hotel has its own 'chocolatier' on staff and if your lucky (which we were, because like I said, we were p-r-e-t-t-y d-a-r-n cool for a couple of days,) you received one of these chocolate 'statues' in your room. It was like this modern piece of art - a tiered tray made soley out of chocolate which held truffles and even more chocolates! It was entirely eaten before we left.

Chocolate kept coming each night, and really, what more could a girl want? Well, shopping. I did some shopping and Kerry golfed.

The last night, Kirsten took us to see Monty Python's Spamalot which was so very, very funny - it brought back memories of my dad introducing this film to me as a kid! In fact, my dad used a part in the movie one time years ago in his sunday school class to delicately illustrate 'enduring to the end' and perserverence - If you know the movie, it is the part where the 2 knights are duelling and the opposing knight gets every one of his limbs cut off and continue to yells, "Come back here you sissy! I'll bite your kneecaps off!" as he is hopping around as a talking, bloody torso.....I don't think it is a church approved movie, but I could be wrong. (Don't you all wish you had my dad as YOUR sunday school teacher?! He was a lot of fun!)

Kerry and I had such a great time together -the trip was great . Kirst - you are the best!! Thank you for setting us up in Vegas in style and for such a great weekend, and thanks for all you do for us and the kiddos. They are completely spoiled by you and so lucky to have you as their Auntie. Beckham asked me again tonight " Where Auntie go? Auntie at her house? Auntie come to Beckham's house. " We sure love you!


Kierstin said...

I'll bet that was pure heaven for you and your chocolatety-obsessed taste buds. It looks so nice... how do you know where to begin eating it? do you start with a truffle and then move your way to the sheet chocolate or do you start with the sheet and save the truffles for last? what a predicament. I only hope I can find myself in the same troublesome situation someday. lucky girl :)

it's a good thing you're cute said...

How fun to get away for a fun weekend! Can we have your auntie for our auntie?

Candy said...

Ahh, how fun!
And the funny thing is, Todd and I were in Vegas the week of
Dec. 9th-16th...were you there too?
We stayed at Madalay Bay, he had a work convention during the day and then we did things together at night.
By the way, love your blog...
I finally have one, but I am trying to figure it all out. The picture posting and all.
check it out.


That chocolate looks soo freakin' good--and I don't even like chocolate!
I love that dad used monty python in sunday school. One more thing to add to my list of "what my dad did to us growing up" i.e. die hard, silver bullet, chucky etc. for family night! gotta luv em!