Monday, January 7, 2008

Temple Square with the Arvey's

Temple Square is a family tradition for most people here in Utah. It reminds me so much of going there as a kid with my own parents, and now it is as if I have come full circle and Kerry and I are responsible for providing new memories for our own kids. It usually is the same every year, and that is what is great. You look forward to seeing the lights, the Christus, and the nativity. The only part I wish was still there was the kid in the playhouse that talked about family night. It was just a puppet boy in a tree, but I loved it!

This year we met our good friends Mike and Jill Arveseth down at Crown Burger with all of the kiddos and then walked up to see the lights. I think Ethan only threw snow at 2 people during the nativity presentation and Beckham only barely made it under the nativity gate on his way to pet one of the sheep before I caught him, so it went pretty well. The Arveseths are lots of fun - always up for a good time and our kids had a great time together!

It is always awesome to see the Christus - it helps me to center myself and remember what really matters, and my kids -like all the others - all want to sit in front, up close to see Jesus. I hope they always feel like that.

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it's a good thing you're cute said...

We had a great time! You guys are awesome friends!