Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beckham's 2nd Birthday - Trains!!!

Beckham turned 2 on December 15th - He is right on target for the terrible and terribly adorable Two's. I made him this Thomas the Tank Engine cake and he thought I was the coolest mom ever! I put it in the fridge and he was mad because he wanted it RIGHT NOW. I had to leave for a while so I told Kerry to watch him with the cake because I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get at it - even though it was on the highest shelf in the fridge. I called home later and Kerry told me that Becks pushed a barstool over to the fridge, opened the door, climbed up and somewhat in to the fridge, and just as he was reaching in to grab a handful of cake Kerry caught him and was able to save the cake from what would have been certain destruction! Luckily, only minor damage to the 'B' in "Beckham".
Becks was one happy camper when he opened up his Bill Train from his uncle Mike. "Bill!!!" he screamed out. It scares me that he knows all of the Thomas train names - I bet there are close to 15 or so that he knows just by looking at them. (Let's see, there's James, Percy, Thomas,Edward, Henry, Gordon, Skarloey, Bill and Ben,Troublesome Trucks, Emily, Lady,Mavis, Toby, Spencer, Diesel, Cranky, .....Becks could tell you a few more if you ask him.)

Here is the fam and our gangsta brother.

Beckham and Ethan in complete control of the ice cream. Beckham walked around the table to where the cake was, grabbed a big slice and hand carried it back to his plate. Hey, it's his day. He can manhandle his cake if he wants to.

And last but not least, Beckham licks the cake and icing out of the train wheels. Yummy!


Kierstin said...

ok, so now that he is two, isn't it about time to start trying for that lucky number 4???! come on, makell, you know you want to roll the dice for another little hell-raiser! Good job on the cake, it is (was) way cute!

The Stones said...

OK, so Becks and Kallie's birthdays sounded pretty similiar. I thought my kid was just a lone cake loving two year old, but no! He is the cutest thing! And Johnny looks tough!


I have been so out of it. I check your blog and I've missed 4 posts! I need to slow down (or sit down and check my computer)!
That looks like a fun birthday party--I can't believe we weren't invited! How rude!!
Maybe next year...

it's a good thing you're cute said...

I can't believe he's two! And who knew you were such a great cake designer?!:!?!