Thursday, November 29, 2007

Through the eyes of a 5 year old

So yesterday my dear friend Emily watched Ethan and Beckham for me while I got some shopping done. (It was glorious!!!) When I picked them up she told me something that Ethan had said to her, and she just had to pass this one along to me! (I was worried it was going to be a swear word, but no.......)
Ethan said to her, "I can't wait until Eva is a mom." Emily asked, "Why is that?" Ethan replies, " Then she can be my SERVANT!"

"What?!!!" was all I could say dumbfounded. What kind of a kingdom does he think he lives in!!!! Well the real nugget of truth here is that it made me realize how he views me... As his own personal servant!!!! I think we need to make some changes in how things run at home - wow. The parent of the year award just slipped away from me.....AGAIN!

So I sked him in the car, "Emily told me you thought that when Eva is a mom that she would be your servant. Do you think I am your servant?! " "yes" he says. "What? you REALLY think that?" I said. After giving it some serious consideration, he said, "Actually. I am YOUR servant because you make me do chores!!"

Oh boy.

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