Friday, March 25, 2011

You wanna piece-a-me?

We are dealing with a few bullying do you handle them as a parent? I am confident that this will be taken care of, and it is not extreme, but it is hurtful nonetheless.   Part of you wants to jump in to save your child and the other wants to beat up the bully(s) yourself (but that may require jail time) and the other part of you knows you need to teach your child to stand up for themselves and to learn the artful skill of diffusing the situation.
This particular situation involved toilet papering personal property at school.  We gave all sorts of advice, but really we were laughing by the end.  We came up with some funny comebacks....none that were actually appropriate outside of our kitchen table.  Just to share, I told our child, "Why don't you ask them if they would like any of this toilet paper back so that they can wipe their buttface?"
Good, eh?  Fantastic parenting at its finest!
I'm here all week, folks.


The Stones said...

Please let me know how you handle this-it's something I'm always worried about, since the mama bear in me will be itching to kick that bully's booty, even though I'm not sure that's the best response!

On a side note, your comeback is fantastic. I'm going to use it in a sentence sometime this week.

Kierstin said...

Ohhh, bullying. It has been SO hard for me not to punch some boys in their snotty little faces last year and this year. These boys were 'friends' of Mikaela's last year (one of them, Jackson, was her 'boyfriend' :) Jackson decided that he would take it upon himself to teach Mikaela the 'F' word. She was so upset. She confronted him when he lied about it and he began kicking, pushing, and hitting her whenever he got the chance. She would come home with bruises on her shins! Little crap head.. grrrrr. When I let his mom know what was happening, all she said was, 'Oh no, our boys DO NOT hit girls.' And that was that. He also enlisted his buddies to help with the hitting/physical abuse of Mikaela and her friends. It finally came to the teacher's attention when the boys were kicking her in the hall and they saw it and he was suspended. I told Mikaela that she doesn't EVER have to put up with a boy hitting her... I gave her full permission to kick or hit back and use those karate skills that she learned :) This year the bullying continued and I had to bring the Director of the school into the situation and he actually put a school 'restraining order' on the boys. Since then, everything has been just fine. The boys realized how much they were hurting Mikaela and her friends and they actually apologized and are nice to her now. I simply told Mikaela, 'Boys are dumb. They never think before they act.' Best lesson in the world.

Jill said...

...wipe the buttface! I love it! So hard! Everyone goes through it and each situation is different. You will know how to handle it, you are great parents!!!

Brooke and Jonny said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I can just imagine the way you said it too, you know the butt part really really fast and then dragging out the face part! Classic.
Oh yeah and your comment on my post? How in the world did I forget about line-butter lady??? She was definitely a bully and you handled that situation perfectly, ah how I would have loved getting a picture with her, "Hey Lady after you sneak infront of us do you mind turning around so we could get a picture of you? You have great tactics and we would love to document it as part of our trip!"