Sunday, March 27, 2011

According to Becks...

tvA0Fc-KBJ0E0WYjLeJ34hCbrC4yBRSmEKxwfqSq-miDIiGIG_iklceKHN_pgXOcdEfE5GDip-rX29F2QVCMpeUGwlc424vGfn7IJ7S1358aYpqaWaqL9OT8aaQ-j0xQAK5KrQyHi0bM6uuHqs-EWMOqBzep4SIfbylLPst37cykbQrIyrkgR-kwpXwegyj2CAVfBrfe.jpgBeckham and Kerry went to Home Depot yesterday while doing some man work in the yard. (I was off recreating...suckers! But I digress..
So Kerry tells the Becks that they need to get some fertilizer and some tree pruners.  Becks says matter of factly, "Loppers".
"What?" asks Kerry.   "Loppers." repeats Becks.
"Fine - we can call them Loppers but you just be in charge of reminding me to get them."
 As they walk down the aisle to get the tree cutters, Kerry notices the sign in front of the tree cutters that says, of course, "Loppers".
"Becks - how did you know they were called Loppers?"
His response was that he learned about it on Curious George.  Who knew!  I wonder if Curious George could teach him how to clean his room and do windows?  I'm going to write in to the producer...

Some other Beckisms lately:
Frustrated with his older brother, Becks asked if we "could ground Ethan forever".  After I told him no, he asked me if we couldn't do that, if we would just kick him out of the family.

A few nights back we put all the kids to bed in the basement.  Kerry and I were watching tv and heard the telling steps of a little 5 year old coming up the stairs.  We asked why he was upstairs and not in bed.  He says to us with a big sigh, "Well, it's not really working out for me down there."

And just so you know, Beckham informed me that "It's not called a 'mango', mom.  It's a 'flamango', but you can call it a mango if you like."

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