Thursday, September 23, 2010

What you do in New York at 1:00 am if you aren't clubbin' it.

New York was completely fabulous.  But one of my favorite memories is of my sis-in-law Kirst and I coming back to the hotel, completely exhausted, and yet staying up to watch Antoine on you tube, laughing 'til it hurt and hurt some more. I'll post more about our trip, but enjoy this first!
Just for the record  - if you haven't already seen it, this was an actual news story.  The remake they did at the end is just for more fun if you can take it, home boy.


The Stones said...

Oh my gosh, this video was the highlight of a recent trip to Colorado with some friends. I don't think we had 2 sentences that didn't quote this guy!


KC said...

I was almost tempted to buy the song on itunes. It is hilarious!!