Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school...

This will probably never happen again -at least not until next year. Ethan woke up on the first day of school and by the time I came home from my run at 7:05 he was upstairs, dressed, teeth brushed, and backpack strapped on - ready to go. His carpool doesn't pick him up until 8:05. Somebody was excited! He didn't want to take his backpack off - just wore it for an hour or so.

Quick Picture before they were out the door - Nice Pose Dooders!
Grade: 2nd
Teachers: Mrs. T. Coleman as his homeroom teacher and Mrs. Bingham for Spanish and Math.
Favorite subjects (as he told us at back to school night):
1st fave subject: His imagination.
2nd fave subject: Legos
3rd fave subject: School

Eva was so excited to take these cute notebooks to school. Thank goodness she has a friend with a creative mom! Part of their homework on the first day was to decorate their notebooks. She was so excited for this - she and her friend Aspen got together and used her mom's scrapbook supplies to bling them up a bit. I would have just stuck a few stickers on there and called it good.

Eva Diva
Grade: 4th
Teachers: Mrs. Hansen as homeroom and Mr. Robinson for Spanish and math.
Favorite School Supplies: Jonas Brothers folders and her Justice monkey binder.
Best quality: Hard worker and a generous friend.


Brooke and Jonny said...

I love ethan's pose! Such a stylish dude! They are getting so dang big!

The Stones said...

Dooders is so great. What a stud! And his imagination as his favorite subject? Seriously, aren't you SO glad you write these things down? Can't wait to hear about your trip! XO